Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello 3rd Trimester!

Charity Ruth is our little eggplant!
I cannot believe we've now officially entered the third trimester. Sometimes I feel like I've been pregnant forever, then other times it's just flown by! Everything is going well. I'm still contracting, but they're still not doing anything. I have a feeling it's just going to be this way for the rest of the pregnancy, and that's okay, as long baby girl stays put!
Today, I had the ever-pleasant glucose test, which came back negative. Fortunately. It's been negative with each pregnancy, so I wasn't too concerned, I just can't stand the thought of having to drink the juice a second time. But, the doctor's office did call to tell me my Vitamin C and Iron are both low & I need to take supplements. Maybe the low iron explains my constant lethargic feeling... I was just blaming that on the pregnancy altogether. The Vit C, however, I don't get. I drink orange juice almost every morning. That's not enough though, I suppose. Anyway, just thankful for a (mostly) good report from the doctor! At least Baby's healthy, even if Momma is lacking in the vitamin area.
This week I've been thinking about her name, and how I think I want her to be called Ruthie. Maybe it's because Ruthie was in the running with both our first girls. Or maybe because I seem to have this thing about naming our girls something, and calling them something else: Gabrielle is Gabbi & Caitlin is Catie. Ruthie is also what I called her for a short period of time before Dustin wanted to talk about names... kinda just to get him to talk about it with me :) Maybe we'll wait until she gets here to fully decide.
I've seen a couple of my friends do these little things during their pregnancies, and thought I'd join in on it!

Weight Gain/Loss: right about 20lbs so far... but feels like a whole lot more!
Maternity Cloths? Yes definitely. I was actually able to hold off wearing them for what seems like the longest amount of time this time around. Sadly, some of my pants that are size "mediums" are feeling a bit snug...
Gender: A third little princess!
What I Miss: Working out and running. Snuggling up close to my man... the belly just makes most everything more difficult.
Weekly Wisdom: From my sweet 3-year-old "Charity is making your belly really BIG, Mommy!" So wise :)
Milestones: Third trimester!
Sleep? what sleep?
Energy?: what energy?
Excercise?: what exercise? okay, there seems to be a pattern here! :) seriously though, keeping up with my two little ones is a good amount of exercise for a day.
Movement?: She moves like crazy, and is actually doing some gymnastics right now.
Food cravings?: plain ole coca-cola. I have no idea why because I don't typically like it and rarely ever do I drink carbonated drinks, but I love it right now... with lots of ice that I enjoy crunching when the drink is gone (that's been a common thing in all my pregnancies)
What I'm looking forward to:? Gabbi getting to feel her kick. The timing's never worked out yet, but she actually told me yesterday that she wanted to feel her move. So sweet :)
Preparations:? Sadly, nothing :( That's been the hardest thing so far about having a third girl. I'm thrilled beyond belief about having another little girl... but I have nothing to do!! Her room is ready (she's going to have Catie's room, and Gabbi & Catie will room together). She has clothes. She has toys... she has more than everything she needs. She is absolutely as special as her two older sisters, but I feel like because I've done nothing to prepare, that it doesn't seem as special. I told Dustin I think I want to use different pacifiers this time (we've used the same brand with both girls) just so we'll have to buy her something different from the other two! How silly :)
Best Moment this week:? Our bathroom is finally finished! This is absolutely not pregnancy related, but glad it's done before the baby gets here! Our hall bath that has been mid-renovation for a year, is finally done!

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Katrina said...

I've been wanting to munch ice lately too... I heard it is related to low iron... maybe there is some truth to it after all! =)

Yay for 3rd trimesters!