Saturday, April 02, 2011

37 weeks.... and counting!

They say Baby is about the size of a watermelon... and I would not argue!!
Definitely getting a bit more anxious and ready for her to get here. I have officially begun to "waddle" and feel like a cow. Ha! I'm perpetually uncomfortable... I signed up for all this. Expected all this. Not complaining about any of it. She is worth every sleepless night, every bit of heart burn, every ache & pain. However, what I was not expecting nor did I signed up for was pulling a muscle!!! I pulled a muscle two nights ago while putting on my pants. Yes, I said putting on my pants. Wow. I'm that huge. I don't know what muscle, but it's somewhere around where my right leg connects to my hips. Really low, where all my excess 30lbs sits. Paaaaainful! I try to rest & it starts to feel better, but going up and down the stairs (something that I cannot get around doing) gets it hurting all over again. Even when I'm laying down or sitting it hurts to move my right leg. I (sadly) have to literally take my hands and move my leg with my hands. Crazy! But... what can I do? It will all be over soon.
Went to the doctor yesterday. I'm still *not quite* 1cm dilated, but she did notice I'm progressing in other ways. That's good news! This is the soonest with either of them I've ever had changes. I'm not the biggest fan of my doctor, which I really hate to say. I loved her with Catie since she was willing to let me have a vbac. But this time around I've noticed more things I dislike. She's very "by the book" as far as "modern medicine" goes, (you know, all the interventions and everything) and I just tend to want to do things more..... naturally. She wants to induce me so bad she can't stand it- and has brought it up the past 3 appointments. I guess it really is rare anymore that someone actually does want to go into labor on their own. Who would want to wait when the doctor is willing to induce you a week before your "due date"? Well... me :) It took a little convincing to even get her to let me go up to two weeks past my "due date" to induce me, if it comes down to that. I don't think I'll have to worry about it though, Catie came one day before her's.
Seriously going all crazy and wanting a home birth next time around. Yes. It's true. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there!!

Anyway, here's my little survey thing for 37 weeks:
Weight Gain/Loss: right at 31lbs this last appt I think
Maternity Cloths? Of course!
Gender: A third little princess!
What I Miss: Being comfortable. Any Mommy knows that point in pregnancy where you're just not comfortable. No matter what. Ever.
Weekly Wisdom: 36 weeks pregnant is not most ideal time for your hubby to go on a mission trip to the other side of the world :) That being said, it was the Lord's will and I would never want to undo that.... just not "ideal".
Milestones: officially full-term!
Sleep? sleeping better since Dustin has been home. Just not very comfortably.
Energy?: I've had more lately. I wish my body could keep up with my energy actually! I've been getting a lot done... blame it on "nesting" hehe
Excercise?: nope. haven't seen this since the 1st trimester but am SO looking forward to getting back to the gym!
Movement?: oh yes! Dustin and I both felt her so much the other night it was sweet. I actually *think* I can make out when I feel a foot or an arm or leg. She rolls around a lot, but is running out of room!
Food cravings?: Still coke & ice. Also, random, but white cheddar cheese puffs (ew, I know). I usually buy the Cheetos baked natural brand. Or this "all-natural" brand called Pirates Booty. I bought them for the girls when they were on sale a few weeks ago, and seriously ate pretty much the whole bag by myself.
What I'm looking forward to:? her being here!! holding her, seeing what she looks like, that newborn baby smell, mmmm :)
Preparations:? I've been doing a lot this past week. A few people have bought her some outfits for summer. I've gone through our newborn clothes & pulled out what she can use. Washed them *there's not a whole lot better than the smell of baby clothes freshly washed in Dreft :)* I've moved Catie into Gabbi's room (except for sleeping- she's such a good sleeper I'm scared to do that!). I've ordered some smaller sized cloth diapers for her & gotten them washed and ready. We've done a deep-clean of our bedroom (it's needed it! Our bedroom seems to be what's always put on the back-burner!), preparing to put the baby bed up tomorrow. Got the car seat out & washed it up. And altogether, I've just been staying more on top of things: laundry, keeping toys put in their places, vacuuming, everything. Which, truly has been good of me since I'm neither neat nor organized. Just really want to keep everything under control because she could come at any time. Still to do: pack hospital bag, pack diaper bag, put the car seat in the van & put up the bed (which should be done by tomorrow).
Best Moment this week:? Dustin coming home Sunday!! Oh my goodness, best moment ever!!!