Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh yeah... Round #2

The mouse didn't stand a chance.
He is now dead.
They say a woman's (mother's) intuition is 70% correct.

I REALLY really really feel like it's a girl. More and more everyday.
Can't wait to find out.

I go to webMD, as most of you know by now. Recently, I've been getting on the message boards. (Basically, it's addicting) A lot of women have said that when they "just knew" it was something, they were right. Only a few have said when they "just knew"- everytime they were wrong. lol. So basically I either have correct intuition or I don't.

Briana thinks it's a girl...
My aunt-in-law thinks it's a boy...
Dustin thinks it's a boy...
Who else is where?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Man vs. Mouse
Round #1

No. It's not a joke. We have a mouse in our house (vomit). Our goal was to go to bed early last night. So, at around 9:30 we get into bed and I watch the rest of "Super Nanny" (because I'm addicted to that TV show). After the show we turn off the TV, and proceed to *attempt* to fall asleep. As I begin to drift off, I hear a "noise". Now, because I hear every single noise in our house at night, Dustin rarely takes me seriously. He said "If you hear it again, let me know and I'll see what it is". I heard it again... it sounded like something dragging across the counter, like a bowl, that kinda noise. I didn't say anything the second time I heard it, but tried to block it out. A third time (all over a period of about 30mins) I heard something that sounded like spoons clanging together. I freaked out, woke him up, and he checked the kitchen-- nothing.
Sleep attempt #2: Right as I'm drifting off, I hear it again, the dishes-rattling noise... my heart is beating so fast, I just know there is someone in our house. It continued to get louder, so I woke him up again. This time he checked the whole house, not just the kitchen- all the doors, all the windows- bless his heart... I'm crazy. Nothing.
Sleep attempt #3: I am so tired... it's after 11 by this point, and I'm almost asleep. I hear this clicking kinda noise, like something rattling under the sink. Finally, when I woke him up, he heard it too... "That's a mouse," he said. So when he got up and checked out the kitchen this time, there were definitely trails of a mouse-- disgusting.
Well, it was all better for me now... I could sleep peacefully knowing what was making the noise. Though, the fact that there's a mouse in our house is less than peaceful, we said we'd get traps today and set them up. Gone in no time. That didn't do it for Dustin- it's hilarious- like the roles totally reversed. Now I'm trying to get to sleep and he's laying there awake. "I can set up my own trap... I can kill him... I wanna kill him... He's gonna die." LOL!
GREAT WHITE HUNTER. At 12:30 in the morning he's determined to create his own makeshift mouse trap that will trap this mouse. Because I kept him up, he would't let me sleep either. I had to help him. Needless to say, I dont' even know at what time I finally fell asleep. The trap didn't work either.
stay tuned for round #2

I go over to Lily's today to visit her and see the house and stuff. I'm excited about my new job. It's gonna be hard at first I know. She doesnt have a routine- babies are so much easier when they have a routine. So the first few weeks will be trying to do that. My mom said it'll take a few weeks. Well then, I won't even have her in April. I'm just hoping they'll try to stick to the routine after I leave. We'll see... I'm looking forward to a change.

Doctor appointment Friday!!! Ahhhh... I can't wait!!!
I'll ahve more updates then. As for now, Sunday was a good day- I ate all day long. Since then, not really. It's about the same. Sick. Hopefully the doctor will have some suggestions for me.
For right now, there was just a man here in the coffeehouse who was an elder man (kinda weird and creeped me out a little cuz he kept asking me questions), but he wreaked of cologne. He's gone now, and the smell is still lingering and making me sick. Oh, another something wierd: I'm gonna have to get new toothpaste. The taste of mint stuff does not taste good to me anymore at all... I can't eat mints, chew gum, anything. Well lately, everytime I brush my teeth I gag and get really sick. The mint taste. Like, I dread brushing my teeth everyday. Crazy. Hello, kids' bubble gum toothpaste!! lol. jk.

I'm hungry. My mom's at Cracker Barrel and told me to call her if I wanted something. I want something. But calling her is no use since her phone is off. I'm going crazy now. lol.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Okay, so this morning's been pretty good.
I just need to learn how much I can do. When I actually feel good I want to get stuff done, like go somewhere, or clean or something. Then I always end up feeling aweful. Last night was the funeral for Ashley's grandmother... I was so thankful because I was able to go, but when we got home I was just worn out. This morning I did laundry, scrubbed down our kitchen and straightened some things up... and now I'm feeling so sick again. Anyway, that's besides the point.

I had an amazing time with the Lord this morning.
**There's something about when I have my quiet time outside... I used to when I was living with my parents; I'd sit on the porch and read. Since it was gorgeous day I sat out on our porch and read and prayed. You know there's just so much going on right now... I just got married. We haven't even had a chance to really get settled in our house and get it painted and make it our "own" before-BAM- I'm pregnant. Sick. Laying on the couch and really unable to be of much help to anyone. (It's depressing sometimes). And in 8 months there's gonna be a new LIFE in our house. Incredible. The Lord really showed me this morning- there's no way I'm going to be able to make it without relying on Him fully. There's no way I'm not going to be so completely stressed out and a nervous wreck if I don't give it to Him. He cares about me... so I must cast my worries upon Him. Little stuff like the fact that I've needed to put a load of towells in the wash all week does stress me out. So I gave it all to Him this morning... the fact that I want to finally finish painting, the fact that I need to mop our floors again, the laundry, the bills, everything... I just gave it to Him. When I worry about this stuff, it bothers Dustin because then he feels like he needs to do that much more to make up for what I can't do right now, which does effect our relationship. I can't allow it to do that. So instead of complaining to Dustin about what I can't do right now, I just gave it all to my Father. I really feel like a load's off.
**There is so much that God wants to teach me through all of this. This whirlwind of complete life changes right now... so terribley He wants to draw me to Himself... I have to let go of all my expectations and let Him. He's so faithful, so wonderful... oh, I just fell in love with Him all over again this morning... He works all things together for good. I love to cling to that promise. It's a promise because He said it, and it's true, and it will happen.
**I've been reading through Exodus. It's probably one of my favorite books. It's amazing how every single thing that God said was going to happen, happened. How Pharoah thought he was in control of Egypt, and everything that was going on, but he had no power. How the Lord planned everything according to His will, and it was done. That's exactly my situation (except... I'm not in Egypt nor am I holding Israel captive)... but I think things are going to go according to my plan, that I have some sort of control over our house, or the next 8 months, or our child. But I don't and God's will will be done.

Just for everyone (I can say that since I have a whole 3 readers now! lol) Carmichael wasn't nearly my favorite either. That was just part of the brainstorming process. Dustin actually like Gabrielle Danu also. It's different I know, but it is special to me because it's Kenyan. Laura, yeah, I know that no matter how much I say they will or won't be called whatever I know it's gonna happen somewhere down the road- I do think Gabbi's cute, but I like Ellie. I was halfway joking when I said "he will not be called Joey" and so on... Yeah Briana, most of the time before I do something I ask AnnaLisa since I haven't gone to the doctor yet. I'm actually not changing a whole lot that I do before I go next week.
**I had a 2nd dream last night that it was a girl. Bri, I'm starting to have this strong sense that it's gonna be a girl... and I'm about 50% sure that I'm right! lol. Dustin and I got in a (play) "fight" last night because I'm starting to think it's a girl and he's just "so positive" it's a boy. I can't wait to find out.

I know this weather is probably not nearly as warm as Mexico. When I was there in March last year, the morning's were pretty chilly, to where- when I walked to the Oxxo like every morning at 7- I had to still wear a jacket, but it was still so beautiful out... and you could tell later it was going to be warm. That's how it was yesterday morning. When I stepped out in the morning it was a little chilly, but later it was in the 50s. So yeah, it just reminded me of walking to the Oxxo for coffee :) But I do miss Mexico and want so badly to go...

**Prayer Request** Brent Hodson is leading a trip to Kenya in May, and Dustin's praying about going... but he's also is feeling led to Brazil. We're not sure when the Brazil trip is going to be. It was going to be in April, but Dan Amanns said what the was planning fell through. Financially, we can't afford either of them. So pray for God's leading and assurance of what He desires Dustin to do, and for His provision.
As for me, I'm waiting upon the Lord... I was also praying about going to Brazil this year. But, apparently I'm not supposed to eat foreign foods when I'm pregnant lol. I'm enjoying TELL, and going out evangelizing with Betty Amanns. She's about the most godly woman I know, and I'm learning a lot from her. I know that for now, right here is where the Lord has me... but I'm not going to lie, I cannot wait for when He calls us up from the states and places us somewhere else. There is no feeling in the world to me like serving the poor and powerless and being Christ to the lost. I'm so excited for wherever God calls Dustin this year and for him to experience his first time being on mission overseas.
I was listening to Caedmon's Call this morning while I was cleaning.

"The Roses"
High above the valley of Quito
An old man and his bride grow roses
Red and yellow, white and golden,
To him they are precious as children
Their daughter, she moved to America
One more break in the Tower of Babel
She has a son that they've never seen at all
They're praying that they raised her well
On the mountain high
They will live and die
As time just slips away
And the children grow
In the God they know
As time just slips away
A man, his bride, his children, and his roses
Planted in faith
And watered in tears
Honey, that's all they have
And they're happier here
Than any of my friends back home
They met Jesus and they really know Him
Now I'm back at home
All alone
And I'm trying to find my thoughts
Of that old man so inspiring
And the TV's always on
And the phone, it won't stop ringing
These bills, they keep on screaming
I'm paying for the things
We never really need
Wonder what he's doing right now?
Maybe walking through his simple field
Thinking about how
God has blessed him so
A man, his bride, his children, and his roses
I've met that "man"... I met many of them in Kenya. We desire that life so much more than "settling down", buying a "nice" house, driving the "nice" SUV, and living the "American Dream" (which is no more than a nightmare). The last verse of that song just makes me cringe. I'm having to remind myself that these desires Dustin and I have aren't desires that we've come up with on our own. The Lord, who placed them there, will see that His will is worked our through us. It's the waiting time that makes me ancy...
Teach me Lord, Teach me Lord, to wait...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

So I couldnt sleep last night.
I'm feeling a lot better today though. Still not normal, and slightly queesy, but compared to how I have felt, wow... I when I think about it, I forgot to take my vitamin last night. And now I'm feeling worlds better. I've heard of people vitamins making them sick... so I'm really thinking that's what's been doing it. I'm considering not taking it until I go to the doctor next week and see what he says. Laura, I tried the eating something before I got out of bed this morning- I'm sure it helped too. Thanks. Briana, what do you mean, all the natural stuff? I was confused.

Okay, like I said, we have a boy name: Joseph David.
He will not be called "Joe" or "Joey" if we have anything to do with it lol. If a nickname is desired, he'll be called "JD". I believe my mom said she's gonna call him JD.
Still no girl's name, but we both love the name Gabrielle. It's the female form of Gabriel, and it means "devoted to God". Love it. But she won't be called "Gabbie", I'd call her "Ellie". I think it's cute. Anyway, I couldn't sleep, so I was just praying, and I started praying for the baby, and then praying about names. So God put some on my heart... I'll share and please let me know what you think--

Gabrielle Faith (self explainatory)
Gabrielle Carmichael or Gabrielle Michaela (prounounced McCayla)
**We want biblical names, but last night when I was praying about it, I started thinking that if it's not something biblical- being named after somebody is another option. The only person I could think of was the missionary Amy Carmichael. So I got these two names from that. Both of the names have Michael in them, and it means "who is like God?" So I like it.
Gabrielle Christine
**Christine (though not spelled the same) is my middle name, which is the only thing that I don't like about this one. But apparently, the Greek form of it means "Christian; anointed"So I like it also.
Lastly, and honestly the one I think I like the best.
Gabrielle Danu
**"nDanu" (the N is silent in the beginning) was the name of one of the little girls in Kenya. I fell asleep praying about names, and I dreamed about this one, which is crazy. I dreamed I was telling Kristin about it and she said that that was the name of our little girl. "nDanu" is kiKamba for "someone who is happy". It's sweet.
So comment and let me know what you think. I havent even had the chance to tell Dustin yet because he got up and went to work while I was still in bed. But I can't wait to see what he says tonight.

This weather is making me SO incredibley happy!!! It's gorgeous outside and it reminds me of Mexico and makes me miss Mexico. I love love love it! Too bad it's gonna just get colder this weekend again. I can't wait for spring. That really also could be part of why I'm feelign better. A friend of my mom's said when she was pregnant and would start feeling nauseous, she would get out and go for a quick walk and feel better.
It's all in the weather.... :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So... I'm feeling just a little better today.
It's just so hard to eat though... there are just a few things that I really want, and nothing else sounds good. Actually, just the thought of certain foods makes me want to vomit. Some people have told me that their "morning" sickness has lasted 5 months, not three; and some have said it's lasted their entire pregnancy! That's encouraging. I really don't know if I could put up with 5 months of this... much less the entire 9 months.
We'll see. I'll just take it one day at a time I guess, that's all I can do.

Sometimes I'm not going to miss my job...
I'm pretty much tired of the middle schoolers that come in here. They're so rude & obniouxous.

Oh yeah, look for me on TV (local). The coffeehouse did a commercial. It should start airing in March on Fox43. That's crazy... I probably look really cheesy, and mostly it's of my hands lol. I'm a hand model now.

That's all the news I have for now really.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I feel like I need to throw up a lung.
Yeah... I know... lovely.

No relief whatsoever from this nausea/sleepiness they call "morning" sickness. Who came up with that name anyway, because, I promise you, it's so much more than in the morning. It's definitely after 3 o'clock right now and I have felt this all around "yucky" feeling since I woke up at 8:15 this morning-- with only about 30 minutes after I ate lunch that I felt just "okay"and not "horrible". Yesterday I was sick from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed. SO sick that I couldn't go to church... the only thing that brought the slightest bit of relief was eating a bowl of Rice Krispies then laying on the couch in the fetal position. I started crying in the middle of the day I was so miserable. The thing is, I haven't thrown up yet. I almost wish I would throw up because I feel like it'd make me feel a little better. I've come so close thinking I was about the vomit that I've had my head hung over the toilet... but I don't. I don't know. I'm trying a number of things people have told me to try. AnnaLisa has even given me a pack sample drugs she gives her patients for nausea & vomitting. It helped the first day I took them, but not since then. I dunno... I don't want this to be just me complaining. But really ALL it's that's going on right now.

A few things I'm gonna try...
Taking prenatal vitamins at night instead of in the morning. They've been known to be a cause of nausea.
Preggie Pops* These lollipops that contain vitamin B6 in them that are to decrease symptoms of nausea.
Ginger-- apparently ginger helps nausea as well.
all thanks to-- lol. no kidding.

I have a Dr. appointment scheduled for March 2nd!! Yay!
And Feb 28th is my last day at the coffeehouse! *bittersweet*

Love yall! (all one of you who reads my blog)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I honestly don't know if we're going to "celebrate" V-day. I don't think he even remembered before he left for work this morning. Tim asked me when I got to work: "so, is Dustin in trouble today?" lol. Ah, we'll see, it's pretty much not that big a deal.

Insurance Update:
Dustin went on Monday while he was at work to that office again. Apparently, they have to call your insurance company JUST to make an appointment. That's crazy.
But-- he asked around about other doctors that were good at Parkwest and some of the nurses told him about Dr. Schroeder, so he went to his office. They said they can go ahead and schedule an appt now, and when we get our insurance info just call them with it. So at least I can get on the calendar. Good! Praise God!! :) I can't wait. Wendi said by the time I get into the hospital they'll probably be able to get the baby's heartbeat. Ah!! The thought of that thrills me!

Baby Update:
We have a boy's name, and can't seem to agree on a girl's name. He's "positive" it's a boy anyway, so right now we don't have to "worry about a girl's name". lol. I'm gonna laugh when it's a girl... even though I want a boy too.
Yesterday was probably the worst day as far as sickness is concerned. Usually it's just during a little part of the day that I'm feeling sick, yesterday it was ALL DAY LONG. Today is looking to be the same. I'm trying to take people's suggestions- nap, eat small bits all day, eat healthy, but I'm still sick. Yuk :(
So, according to WebMD, I'm about 5weeks. And about this time, my baby's heat, brain, spinal cord, muscle, and bones are beginning to develop. Yet, it's still only 4/100 of an inch long! lol. Yesterday I was telling Dustin, it's amazing what something SO tiny is doing to me right now, like, being sick... and yesterday I noticed my hair is getting more oily- my hair is never oily.

It's crazy... this time last year I was preparing to go on mission to Kenya.
Now I'm preparing for an entire different type of mission.
This week has been so good, God has been so faithful- as always. Monday night I totally opened up with Dustin, about fears I have right now, issues I'm having with trusting the Lord. Mainly because of all the "plans" I had for this year. I was gonna go on a mission trip, I wanted to go back to school, and now , to be realistic, it's gonna be a while if that ever happens. We know we're called to missions, now how is that gonna work with a baby in the picture? I told him I feel like our friends are working towards their goals, and what are we doing? It was like after the initial excitement, all these doubts crept in- for sure from the enemy. God calls the educated with the uneducated, God wants an available vessel, who's crying out "here I am, Lord", who's waiting on Him-- Dustin and I are doing just that. It's just like so many times I surrendered things to Him- my relationship with Dustin, the birth control issue, everything... and this is what He does with it, He gives us a child, and now I want to take it back. Oohhh.. we are just so fleshy!!
Pastor Phil always says that quote: "The problem with a living sacrifice is it keeps crawling off the alter." Oh Lord, is that me or what?

Monday, February 12, 2007

It was a good weekend, and now we're back to the swing of things.
Opening the coffeehouse @ 6 in the morning will really wear a woman out!! (Especially when the coffeemaker is totally SHOT) I mean, it is a coffee house; people do expect us to have coffee.
*Well, sorry folks, not this morning!* Hopefully someone will be in to fix it before noon.

We went to Pigeon Forge this weekend- the first Saturday I've had off in a while. It was amazing to be able to sleep in, have no where to be, and be WARM. I praise God for that, how He just gives us time to rest. I am so cold natured it's almost ridiculous... I'm never warm. Not at work, not at home, expecially not at church (it's cold there in the summer! lol). So this weekend (we weren't paying the bill) so I cranked the heat UP! It was so relaxing... And I read this weekend in Experiencing God about keeping your mind "stayed on Him" (from Isaiah 26:3). He really spoke to me about how I've been leaving Him out of some things throughout my day... but yet, we're supposed have lives centered on Him totally, He's supposed to consume our thoughts, and it should be so easy because of what He's done for us. Yet, He hasn't consumed mine. My thoughts should always turn to Him- especially with what's going on right now. Oh, the promise He gave us in that verse... He will keep in perfect peace... I'm so thankful for the promises we can cling to. I need His perfect peace... oh, that I'll learn how to keep my mind stayed on Him :)
We pray for our baby's salvation each night. What a gift the Lord has given to us. Dustin says he didnt know it was possible to love someone you've never met; I just can't get over the miracle that's created... and our Father has already numbered his (or her) days! Psalm 139 brings tears to my eyes.
Yesterday I was with Betty Amanns in the afternoon (we go out witnessing each week) and she was talking about the promise that's in the end of Acts 2. She said it's a promise you can pray, and claim it for your family... Where Peter is saying repent and be baptized "For the promise is for you and for your children and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to Himself." (2:39) She said you can claim that for your household. Dustin disagrees, well, isn't sure if that's that right context. What do you think?

Okay: insurance prayer request
I called Friday, our insurance isn't activated until March 1st, but I figured I'd go ahead and make an appt with a Doctor because usually first-time patients take a few weeks to get in. The lady we talked with said she needed our "insurance card #, group #..." and several other numbers. I explained to her we didn't have that until the 1st, but I thought I'd get an appt right now. She told me dustin could go to HR and get the information (all this is at Parkwest). Dustin got all the info she needed except the card number, b/c we don't have that and they don't have that info right now either. But they said they could type up an official Parkwest letter that explains he is who he says he is, we will be insured March 1st, etc. The lady (who really was rude, btw) said she could not take that, she "had" to have this number, even just to schedule an appointment. I've never even heard of anything like that before. And, if we're being real here, you know the doctor wouldn't be so particular, all I need is a date on a calander! So Dustin is going back there today... instead of calling he's actually going to the office. It wouldn't be so bad, but if I wait until March 1st, it'll take a few weeks to get it... I'll be about 2-3 months pregnant by that point! :(

On a lighter note...
We bought something for the baby this weekend :) The first thing. Since we don't know the sex, and it'll be newborn around halloween, we found this little costume on clearance. It's just like those really soft footie pajamas, but orange, and has a little pumpkin face. It was crazy, we bought something for our child. But it's really sweet.

There's my update for now... I'm trying to do good :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

So I haven't updated in a while.
It's not so easy, especially now because we don't have a computer. I'm at work right now, and this computer is super slow. I can type about two words and then it has to catch up with me.
Can we say, annoying?

But none-the-less, I really want to try to keep up with this for you, Laura.
And because, really, when I actually do it, it's fun...

So let's recap:
Jan 5th '07-- I got married. We honeymooned for 3 nights in Asheville, NC at this really awesome Bed & Breakfast- It was there that my husband's face started swelling due to an infection unknown to us. We came home wednesday, went to church, and were in the ER that night... the infection was gone about a week later- Praise the Lord.
Mid-Januaray-- we decided my job at the coffeehouse wasn't gonna help pay the bills, nor put money into savings, so I began looking. Anna Lisa Jones from church told me of a lady who has a 5month old baby and is in desperate need of a nanny. I told her to give her my number, and we began to pray about it. At this point I also had applications in with Covenant Health, but not really any leads.
End- January-- started feeling really queesy, day after day. Unusually tired, and slightly increased appetite. (Not myself). My grandma came into town and painted our kitchen/ living room for us. We bought curtains with Target giftcard money, and our house is looking slightly more like a "home".
Feb 6th '07-- Dustin's birthday... Still feeling sick, slightly worse, shocking news of the month: I'M PREGNANT!!

We don't have insurance til March 1st, so I currently have no OB/GYN, or anything that I think I should have right now. But people have told me I'll be okay for a few weeks. I got some vitamins and am eating more consciously right now. Like, actually eating breakfast (witch I never typically do). I went online, WebMD is pretty much my doctor right now, they estimated my due date for October 17th... which is actually my dad's birthday! So that was pretty neat.

I'll keep more updates... especially once I start going to the doctor, and when my belly starts getting bigger.
:-D take care everyone.

I love you Laura!!!