Thursday, February 08, 2007

So I haven't updated in a while.
It's not so easy, especially now because we don't have a computer. I'm at work right now, and this computer is super slow. I can type about two words and then it has to catch up with me.
Can we say, annoying?

But none-the-less, I really want to try to keep up with this for you, Laura.
And because, really, when I actually do it, it's fun...

So let's recap:
Jan 5th '07-- I got married. We honeymooned for 3 nights in Asheville, NC at this really awesome Bed & Breakfast- It was there that my husband's face started swelling due to an infection unknown to us. We came home wednesday, went to church, and were in the ER that night... the infection was gone about a week later- Praise the Lord.
Mid-Januaray-- we decided my job at the coffeehouse wasn't gonna help pay the bills, nor put money into savings, so I began looking. Anna Lisa Jones from church told me of a lady who has a 5month old baby and is in desperate need of a nanny. I told her to give her my number, and we began to pray about it. At this point I also had applications in with Covenant Health, but not really any leads.
End- January-- started feeling really queesy, day after day. Unusually tired, and slightly increased appetite. (Not myself). My grandma came into town and painted our kitchen/ living room for us. We bought curtains with Target giftcard money, and our house is looking slightly more like a "home".
Feb 6th '07-- Dustin's birthday... Still feeling sick, slightly worse, shocking news of the month: I'M PREGNANT!!

We don't have insurance til March 1st, so I currently have no OB/GYN, or anything that I think I should have right now. But people have told me I'll be okay for a few weeks. I got some vitamins and am eating more consciously right now. Like, actually eating breakfast (witch I never typically do). I went online, WebMD is pretty much my doctor right now, they estimated my due date for October 17th... which is actually my dad's birthday! So that was pretty neat.

I'll keep more updates... especially once I start going to the doctor, and when my belly starts getting bigger.
:-D take care everyone.

I love you Laura!!!


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Laura said...

Aww Bekah...

Thanks for updating for me! Now you just have to keep up with it and not make it a one time thing again. It was so good talking to you the other day and I can't wait to talk again!