Thursday, October 26, 2006

So we moved the date up again.
Actually not our decision this time... the church kinda had a miscommunication and double-scheduled us with a prayer conference the same weekend. Ooops.

...Invitations are ordered more date changes.

Although, at times I get so frustrated with all the planning. The invitations. The reception. The decorations. The little tiny details that people ask me about-- like what kinda table decorations do I want. You know what? I really don't care. I don't care about flowers; I don't care about parking; I don't care about pew bows; I don't care about the size font on my invitations; I don't care if the candles are yellow, red, white, or if they have COWS on them! I don't care about how "elegant" or "informal" the reception is.
I heard that there's a high percentage of elopes for long engagements. I see why.
Not that our engagement is long by any stretch of the word... just that I don't think I could put up with wedding planning for 10 months or a year. No way. And people really don't take me seriously when I say I don't care.
Should I care? I mean really, I'm just not uptight about the minor details.
I just want the ceremony to glorify God. I want it to be pleasing to Him.
I just simply want to marry the man God has blessed me with. No details matter.
We didn't even want a reception really... neither of us had peace with spending 1000's of dollars on a wedding. But my dad really insisted on having a reception. So we're doing it.

There are kids starving in Africa... do you think I care about table cloths?

I'm relatively calm the majority of the time; I promise.
The thing I'm having the most fun with is the slide show for the reception... not cake arrangements.
After a frustrating afternoon I begged him to lets just get married next weekend.
He decided that wasn't a rational decision... I'm glad he's sane when I'm not.

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Mi amiga...
You need an update...soon.