Sunday, July 13, 2008

hello all!

i'm here to apologize for how long it has been since i have blogged! here's the excuse: no internet. hopefully SOON we will have our computer and have it hooked up. my parents are going to give us one of there's.... graciously. but there's a few steps i guess that need to be taken care of until then. we've moved... about a month ago. and since we have a new place i'm not here at my parent's nearly as much. and when i am, it's not for as long. so i just don't take the time to sit and blog.

what's new? we have moved, like i said, and it is SO much better than our old place. the Lord just provided for us and He's making it our home (temporarily of course). we've had people over, which i've missed terribely. i love opening up my home to friends and to talk about the Lord and to fellowship! sunday nights the past few weeks we've had friends over after church to hang out and play games... i think we're beginning a tradition.
kristin and derek (some of our very best friends) get home tomorrow!!!!!!! they've been in india all summer on mission, and i really can't believe how quickly the time has gone. i'm beyond thrilled.
lastly... i've been praying about going to the TrueWoman Conference in Chicago since january. first it was a financial thing, we just didnt have the money. then, i realized i could go for a little cheaper, and all the women going already had rooms and everything. i didn't have anyone to room with, and no one could go. so last week i was just talking to the Lord about it, and saying maybe it's just not His will, maybe this isn't my time and i'm not meant to go.... so on. thursday night we went the bethel's and one couple was there that i don't really hang out with much. she was asking me if i was going and i sort of explained to her the situation and she said "well, you can stay with us!" they had a room and everything. i am so thrilled!!! i ordered my ticket today, and cannot wait for october!! it will be here before we know it. i feel like i really need to get my heart prepared to hear a huge word from Him. i love nancy leigh demoss, and some of my favorite singers are leading worship. it's going to be amazing... the Lord has been revealing Himself to me in a great way lately and i'm so thankful He has willed me to go!

speaking of october being here before we know it, gabbi will be one in october. less than three more months! she is getting so big... seriously about to be walking!

it may be another few weeks before i get on here again, but hopefully soon i'll have a computer and internet!
love to all!!