Sunday, August 28, 2011


My little waterbabies.

In the past I've prided myself on not being a "type A" personality.
I'm laid back. I am not a natural leader & canNOT make a decision. Even though my lack of decision making, I think, stems from a fear of man & secretly wanting to make everyone happy (not necessarily a good thing). I don't schedule. I'm so not a scheduler, nor am I organized. I've always been pretty go-with-the-flow, wherever the day takes us, nap/no nap, whatever.......
So three kids & no schedule, let me tell you how that's going for me... it's not.

Can you excuse me for a minute while I scream:::


Ok. Thanks :)

Now, I'll clarify by saying I'm not swinging to the other end of the pendulum and going "Babywise" on Baby Girl or anything. Gary Ezzo & I aren't friends. However, my big girls need some structure. So last week, in the midst of this crazy little corner called *my life* I sat down and wrote out a *tentative* daily schedule. Can you picture this? It's after lunch, I still haven't showered for the day & am fashionably sporting my new daily do of "bed head". My house looks like the bottom of a toaster, I finally have the 2 younger girls down for a nap, Gabbi is bouncing off the walls & I'm scrounging for whatever pen & paper I find laying around. Determined to, one day, create order in this home!
My fear of schedules is deep-rooted though. I have such a tendency toward legalism that I've grown to fear schedules. I've feared making ourselves a daily list of "tasks" that have to be accomplished. If said things aren't accomplished, I've created an avenue of false guilt for myself. I've done this in the past. But sitting around in our jammies watching NickJr till 11:30 isn't the answer either. Which is the pattern a new baby + excruciating hot summer creates. So finding that balance is my goal!
I'm supposed to have 2 years until Gabbi starts school... we don't do Mother's Day Out, or preschool or anything like that, but I have been wanting to start some preschool at home with her. As much as she wants to anyway- I don't want to squash her love of learning by trying to fit her into a mold. So I've already decided if preschool becomes a struggle we're going to stop. She does love to learn, though, & has enjoyed the little "school" sessions we've done the past week. If she does well with preschool this year, I see myself going ahead and starting Kindergarten a year ahead, next year.
I'm getting ahead of myself though... I put our "tentative schedule" into practice last week and we did great!! The TV was consistently off after Gabbi watched her show of choice at 8:30. Catie got her one choice of TV show later in the morning. She had "alone play" time while Gabbi and I did little "school" sessions- which mainly consisted of practicing her Awana verses, learning the days of Creation, and letter writing. It's good enough for now to get us into a little routine until we actually purchase a preschool curriculum when she turns 4 in October. In the afternoon is Gabbi's alone play time while Catie and I have some much needed one-on-one play time. I've realized the past few months my sweet girl has gotten lost in the chaos. I get alone time with Gabbi because she gets up earlier than Catie. I get plenty of quality time with Ruthie between breastfeeding & babywearing. My Catie-bug is just always awake when someone else is. I've realized this is something I need to be intentional about doing. I think she *might* be enjoying our quality time as much as I am... but maybe not ;)
The schedule will need some tweaking as Ruthie gets bigger and works herself into a routine. And when it gets a little cooler out we'll have daily outside play time. Right now, however, it is just too hot for all of us. There is zero shade in our yard & we (I guess by "we" I really mean "Mommy") just can't bear the heat. So a couple times a week is all we get right now. I'm also trying to integrate a weekly (meaning, same time every week) trip to the grocery store & Farmer's Market. Right now it's just been "I'll take what I can get" (whether that's after Dustin gets home after 6, or sunday nights at 9, or when mom happens to have the girls)...and same as cooking. I love to cook... but all these things falling into place have not been happening since our Baby entered our family. She seriously has shaken my world!!! And I have just not bounced back yet & found our new normal.
So here you have it. Our new normal is organization!!! It's just desperately needed with 3 little ones under 4... I'm finding my way. Any of my organized Mommy friends, please feel free to share your daily schedules or a tip for creating order in your home!
A few more pictures for your viewing pleasure :)
*somebody rolled over!*

*she is getting so big*

*little sweet face*

Monday, August 01, 2011

3 Months are gone already??

Charity Ruth
3 months old

It's hard to believe three months have already past. And yet, it feels like she's always been with us. Time is such a funny thing, isn't it? We wait & wait for something, and it seems like it's forever. Then we blink, and it's gone.
Ruthie is a precious baby girl. We love her more than words could express & couldn't imagine life without her. She's very loved by her big sisters as well. And she thinks they're the greatest things ever... she'll just smile and smile at them as long as they stand in front of her talking. I can't wait to see how their relationships grow as she gets bigger.
Ruthie sleeps through the night now, and has been since about 9 weeks old. She's still nursing well, but will take a bottle if we need her too: that's a blessing! She smiles, and coos, and her most recent development is rolling over (from tummy to back). She hasn't rolled from back to tummy yet, and I'm okay with that. I'm not ready for her first "steps" of mobility!! She will lie on her back and stare & coo at the ceiling fan: a favorite among many babies I think.
She really is a happy baby over all. She has typical spells of fussiness, but they're quickly resolved with food or sleep. She's the first ever thumb sucker of the Haddock children! Mommy couldn't be happier about this. I know many people have many different opinions on thumb sucking, but after having Catie and her major attachment issues with her pacifier, I'll take a self-soothing thumb sucker any day!

I'll end with some sweet shots I grabbed this afternoon:
*gotta love the drool*

*smiling through fingers*

*do you see the dimple? i love it!*

Charity Ruth, we love you & praise God for placing you in our lives. You are a blessing more than you will ever know. We continue to pray for God to give you a heart that knows His love, loves Him in return, and that will follow Him wherever He leads you.