Thursday, March 29, 2007

Okay, so I know it's been a while. Sorry sorry to any faithful readers.

Things are going well. The new job isn't tiring me out as bad as it was in the beginning. Just when I'm getting used to it though, in April they don't need me. So I'm going back to my old job at the daycare center. I'm pretty excited about it... less hours than I'm working now, but I'm getting paid almost the same. Georgia (my old boss) gave me a raise! woah! Wasn't expecting that... thank You, Lord. We were really concerned that this month was going to be a struggle for us. Of course, why be concerned when we have a God like ours guiding and protecting us??

He's shown Himself faithful over and over and over again.... He continues to.

We're moving this weekend. Yes. Moving. This weekend. As in, tomorrow we get the keys to what will be our new house!!! And yes, as in, we have to be out of our house now by Sunday, the 1st. Um, yes, this was just for sure yesterday... and we have nothing done even today, I'm not too stressed out yet. lol.
So I'll let you know what happened. Right now we're renting a 1 bedroom house, but we got a wonderful rate on it-- less than anything we'd pay for an apt. But of course, it's 1 bedroom (and we'll need 2) no yard (which is okay, but I'd like any kinda of yard). So we've been praying about oppurtunities, and just God's guidance in where He wants us to go. Well, Monday Dustin came home from work and he said he got a call from someone at his old church who has rental properties around Knoxville. Frank (this guy) just got through renovating this house-- 2 bedrooms, brand new linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom, brand new appliances, fenced yard. BARELY more than what we're paying right now. Again, no lease and no deposits!! Praise God!! I mean, we'd wait, because we have time obviously... but this guy isn't gonna hold the house for us and we don't expect him too. I there's no way we'll find another decent house or apt for the price he's gonna charge us. So, we have to be out by the 1st. We owe rent on the 1st, and can't exactly afford to pay two rents in a month... so yes. This weekend. I'm excited though. So Laura, really, I'll post pictures of this house. I promise.

Here's Lily:

How cute is she??

I've been feeling better. Lily's dad prescribed me some Zofran. EXPENSIVE stuff. Everywhere I went wanted 100-something dollars; obviously we can't afford that. So someone told me to go to Vaughn's (a local pharmacy here) and tell the owner our problem. We did. And he charged me $20 for twice as many pills as I was prescribed. Incredible. There's the Lord providing for us again. ahhhh!! Still can barely brush my teeth. I bet my breath smells right now lol. jk. kinda.

Anyway... tomorrow's my second Dr appointment! I'm 11wks 1day. Almost out of the 1st trimester!!! That's so hard to believe. I'll update soon I hope. This weekend will be crazy- moving... and Dustin gets baptized on Sunday... and then Monday and Tuesday I'll be out of town to NC. My old friend Matt is coming home from Iraq, so my family is going to go and be there for him. Should be good... He's doing really well, always talking about what God's doing in his life, and what God is showing him. Who woulda known a year ago that he'd be where he is now??? Only the Lord :) So hopefully sometime next week I'll get a chance to be back on here.

Michelle- thanks for the comment! It's good to hear from you... do you have a blog?? Love you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

hey laura! i've been praying for you and the team... oh i wish i could be there so bad!! i can't wait to hear how everything is going. PLEASE call me when you can this week. *i love you*

my week though, on the otherhand. i began vomitting friday, it's like a nonstop thing ever since. today was the worst. i have thrown up (literally) everything i've eaten today. i feel miserable... i'm going to call my doctor tomorrow to see what he says b/c i can't keep anything down anymore.
and that is my update. my news. however boring or sickening...
because i've been worse, lily has been harder to handle. i'm bringing her over to my mom's tomorrow. good ole mom! she's gonna help me out. i'm so tired and weak and worn out.

only a few more weeks of this. i'm off next week. that is just from the Lord b/c He knew i'd need it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

So it's been a few days... This new job is keeping me on my toes!! It's fun though; wears me out, but it's fun. I'm enjoying the weather today. Well wait, let me just tell you about today...

Yesterday I really wanted to get Lily out and go for a walk b/c it was so pretty. I looked all over the house and couldn't find her stroller; I assume her parents keep it in the car. So today I forgot to ask them for it, so I called my mom, she said she has an umbrella stroller around here somewhere. So I was gonna take Lily to Powell, hang out w/ my mom and go for a walk- just really enjoy this gorgeous day. Well, this morning I left my cell phone at home; I didn't want to go out without my cell phone b/c then Dani (Lily's mom) wouldn't be able to get ahold of me and neither would Dustin. Since we live so close, I swung by my house real quick- get Lily all out of the car (she is heavy in the car seat!) run in the house, put on some jeans, grab Lily, lock up the house, then load her back in the car (make sure that seat belt's tight!).... I locked my keys in the house. Praise God I had a spare key to my car IN my car- no telling why, but I did. However, I'm locked out of Lily's house and our house and stranded in Powell for the time being until my husband gets off work at 3:30. And praise God I remembered to bring her extra bottle for when she wakes up (she's sleeping right now). Oh... and just for the record, my mom can't find that umbrella strolly- no walk :( I'll throw a blanket out there though and have her play outside.

I've been feeling bad again this week. I don't know exactly why. Well, since the doctor I've been back on some vitamins. That really may be part of it. I mean, not as bad as I was before, but still pretty bad. Dani is an Ob/Gyn and is totally syched that I'm pregnant. She really was encouraging and telling me that one day in April I'll fall asleep at night feeling worn out, tired, sick, nauseous (everything), and wake up feeling GREAT. She said it really is that sudden of a change. Hm. I'm suspicious b/c it sounds too good to be true, yet at the same time I want to believe her (because she's a Dr.) but also because it's something to look forward to.

Had another dream that it was a girl... two nights ago. I dreamt I was in her room (which is funny b/c right now she- or he- has no room b/c our house is one bedroom. but oh well)... it was like pink and khaki everywhere. Pink and khaki striped paint on the wall and the blanket stuff on the crib was pink and khaki polka dots. Pretty cute! lol.

Anyway... it's been a hard week to say the least. Like I said, I do like my new job, but I've been getting up earlier than normal. Keeping up w/ a 6month old. Feeling bad. Just.... the works. Then last night I had another one of those emotional/ hormonal/ pregnant woman crying spells. My poor husband. I love him so much. He's been so good to me.
But still, I'd appreciate prayers.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Doctor's appt went well!!

By the calendar I'm 7weeks, 3days.... and the baby is 7weeks, 2 days developed. Which means... healthy baby!!!
That's the picture from the ultrasound (you can see the little leg "nubs" at the top of it); we heard the heartbeat too.
soooooo excited!!!!
I'll update more later.