Wednesday, March 14, 2007

hey laura! i've been praying for you and the team... oh i wish i could be there so bad!! i can't wait to hear how everything is going. PLEASE call me when you can this week. *i love you*

my week though, on the otherhand. i began vomitting friday, it's like a nonstop thing ever since. today was the worst. i have thrown up (literally) everything i've eaten today. i feel miserable... i'm going to call my doctor tomorrow to see what he says b/c i can't keep anything down anymore.
and that is my update. my news. however boring or sickening...
because i've been worse, lily has been harder to handle. i'm bringing her over to my mom's tomorrow. good ole mom! she's gonna help me out. i'm so tired and weak and worn out.

only a few more weeks of this. i'm off next week. that is just from the Lord b/c He knew i'd need it.


Katrina said...

Awe, I hope you start feeling better soon! I am praying for ya! and vacations or breaks always come when you need them the most. I have found this to be true on several occasions. Hope you enjoy yours! =)

Michelle said...

Hi Bekah,

I just saw you added me as a "myspace friend" and saw the link to this website. I don't get on myspace very often, however I love blogger! I think it's great we can get updates on baby, you and Dustin here in CA without running up a monster phone bill. Oh, by-the-way, CONGRATULATIONS little mommy!! I started cracking up when I read about you and the toothpaste! The exact same thing happened to me with both my pregnancies. I would spend about 20 min every morning struggling to brush my teeth in between heavings. For me, that lasted the entire pregnancy, but the sickness went away in the 2nd trimester. This is when you'll really feel great. Then, when you enter the 3rd, you'll start to feel tired again, but it's so worth EVERYTHING you go through when your hold your baby for the first time. The whole experience is wonderful. I like the names you guys picked out. My Nicholas' middle name is David and Christian's is Gabriel. I'm glad to read you and Dustin are doing well. Give your mom, dad and Christopher a hug and kiss for me. I'll check in on you often through blogger. Hope we can keep in touch.


Laura said...

You were doing so good with the blog. Don't give up now :)