Monday, October 23, 2006

Okay wow.
My head is basically spinning right now.
For the past hour or so I was looking at my old XANGA site. That was a crazy experience. How much has changed since a year ago!!!
Daniel was in Iraq.
Ashley and I did basically everything together.
Laura and I really weren't close yet.
I worked at the daycare & didn't eat meat.
I was absolutely, completely, no reservations, head-over-heels, ON FIRE for the Lord.
And now Ashley and I are getting married.
Laura is in Mexico (Praise Jesus! no doubt)
Briana is in Cookeville.

Continuing to read on and just seeing how Laura and I got closer... and then reading through at some of our "inside jokes" *I'm gonna go Waodoni on you* (Remember that? lol)
Man... made me kinda miss you Laura.
Made me kinda know exactly what I was talking about in one of my posts when I said this life is a vapor.
Oh how it really is. What are we doing?

This weekend at my aunt's kinda drained me. On one hand-- it was a lot of fun. Relaxing. It was nice to ask "hey what time is it" and Dustin say "I don't know" and that be OK! No schedule. Just relaxing. Him and my uncle got along so well too. Which was great.
On the other hand... the indifference of that community was sickening. To both of us actually. It's one of those "ritzy" communities where everyone has money and drives big, new SUVs and luxury cars. Where everyone has their kids up and show them off-- they're spoiled rotten. Just kinda spiritually draining.
After the Thomas Young conference, and (yet another) devotional out of My Utmost, God is speaking to me. Revealing things to me. Which I praise Him for.
Please pray for me.

Just wanted to update again cuz I haven't.
I need some intentional solitude with my King right now though.
(Never enough of that. )

PS. If no one knew... I adore Judy Rogers. God is so good to me to have her in my life.
I know you all know what I mean.

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Laura said...

Bekah.....I am so happy to see an update! It was a really good one too....and yes, of course I remember "I'm going to go Waodani on you!" How could I forget? It really is amazing all God has done this past year. I love you so much and am praying for you!