Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Man vs. Mouse
Round #1

No. It's not a joke. We have a mouse in our house (vomit). Our goal was to go to bed early last night. So, at around 9:30 we get into bed and I watch the rest of "Super Nanny" (because I'm addicted to that TV show). After the show we turn off the TV, and proceed to *attempt* to fall asleep. As I begin to drift off, I hear a "noise". Now, because I hear every single noise in our house at night, Dustin rarely takes me seriously. He said "If you hear it again, let me know and I'll see what it is". I heard it again... it sounded like something dragging across the counter, like a bowl, that kinda noise. I didn't say anything the second time I heard it, but tried to block it out. A third time (all over a period of about 30mins) I heard something that sounded like spoons clanging together. I freaked out, woke him up, and he checked the kitchen-- nothing.
Sleep attempt #2: Right as I'm drifting off, I hear it again, the dishes-rattling noise... my heart is beating so fast, I just know there is someone in our house. It continued to get louder, so I woke him up again. This time he checked the whole house, not just the kitchen- all the doors, all the windows- bless his heart... I'm crazy. Nothing.
Sleep attempt #3: I am so tired... it's after 11 by this point, and I'm almost asleep. I hear this clicking kinda noise, like something rattling under the sink. Finally, when I woke him up, he heard it too... "That's a mouse," he said. So when he got up and checked out the kitchen this time, there were definitely trails of a mouse-- disgusting.
Well, it was all better for me now... I could sleep peacefully knowing what was making the noise. Though, the fact that there's a mouse in our house is less than peaceful, we said we'd get traps today and set them up. Gone in no time. That didn't do it for Dustin- it's hilarious- like the roles totally reversed. Now I'm trying to get to sleep and he's laying there awake. "I can set up my own trap... I can kill him... I wanna kill him... He's gonna die." LOL!
GREAT WHITE HUNTER. At 12:30 in the morning he's determined to create his own makeshift mouse trap that will trap this mouse. Because I kept him up, he would't let me sleep either. I had to help him. Needless to say, I dont' even know at what time I finally fell asleep. The trap didn't work either.
stay tuned for round #2

I go over to Lily's today to visit her and see the house and stuff. I'm excited about my new job. It's gonna be hard at first I know. She doesnt have a routine- babies are so much easier when they have a routine. So the first few weeks will be trying to do that. My mom said it'll take a few weeks. Well then, I won't even have her in April. I'm just hoping they'll try to stick to the routine after I leave. We'll see... I'm looking forward to a change.

Doctor appointment Friday!!! Ahhhh... I can't wait!!!
I'll ahve more updates then. As for now, Sunday was a good day- I ate all day long. Since then, not really. It's about the same. Sick. Hopefully the doctor will have some suggestions for me.
For right now, there was just a man here in the coffeehouse who was an elder man (kinda weird and creeped me out a little cuz he kept asking me questions), but he wreaked of cologne. He's gone now, and the smell is still lingering and making me sick. Oh, another something wierd: I'm gonna have to get new toothpaste. The taste of mint stuff does not taste good to me anymore at all... I can't eat mints, chew gum, anything. Well lately, everytime I brush my teeth I gag and get really sick. The mint taste. Like, I dread brushing my teeth everyday. Crazy. Hello, kids' bubble gum toothpaste!! lol. jk.

I'm hungry. My mom's at Cracker Barrel and told me to call her if I wanted something. I want something. But calling her is no use since her phone is off. I'm going crazy now. lol.


Laura said...

I know how fun trying to hunt mice can be....I have already experienced that since being here. Let me know how the doctor's appointment goes. Oh and for the sake of us living here in Mexico, never again are you allowed to use the words Cracker Barrel on your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I mean next time you should use the word Chick-fil-A, sorry that was mean I'm in a mood. :-)

Katrina said...

Have you tried the cinnamon burst toothpaste... that stuff is good. =)

Laura said...

Briana, if you are reading this your comment was a little cold hearted :)

bekah said...

briana, slightly humerous.
mostly cruel...

because even though i'm in the states, i'm pregnant, meaning cravings to me come on really strong. when u say chick-fil-a, i want it to. lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah so I was hoping that I could call Bekah before Laura got back on here and have her remove my comment before Laura read it. Sorry I know it was cruel.