Thursday, February 22, 2007

So I couldnt sleep last night.
I'm feeling a lot better today though. Still not normal, and slightly queesy, but compared to how I have felt, wow... I when I think about it, I forgot to take my vitamin last night. And now I'm feeling worlds better. I've heard of people vitamins making them sick... so I'm really thinking that's what's been doing it. I'm considering not taking it until I go to the doctor next week and see what he says. Laura, I tried the eating something before I got out of bed this morning- I'm sure it helped too. Thanks. Briana, what do you mean, all the natural stuff? I was confused.

Okay, like I said, we have a boy name: Joseph David.
He will not be called "Joe" or "Joey" if we have anything to do with it lol. If a nickname is desired, he'll be called "JD". I believe my mom said she's gonna call him JD.
Still no girl's name, but we both love the name Gabrielle. It's the female form of Gabriel, and it means "devoted to God". Love it. But she won't be called "Gabbie", I'd call her "Ellie". I think it's cute. Anyway, I couldn't sleep, so I was just praying, and I started praying for the baby, and then praying about names. So God put some on my heart... I'll share and please let me know what you think--

Gabrielle Faith (self explainatory)
Gabrielle Carmichael or Gabrielle Michaela (prounounced McCayla)
**We want biblical names, but last night when I was praying about it, I started thinking that if it's not something biblical- being named after somebody is another option. The only person I could think of was the missionary Amy Carmichael. So I got these two names from that. Both of the names have Michael in them, and it means "who is like God?" So I like it.
Gabrielle Christine
**Christine (though not spelled the same) is my middle name, which is the only thing that I don't like about this one. But apparently, the Greek form of it means "Christian; anointed"So I like it also.
Lastly, and honestly the one I think I like the best.
Gabrielle Danu
**"nDanu" (the N is silent in the beginning) was the name of one of the little girls in Kenya. I fell asleep praying about names, and I dreamed about this one, which is crazy. I dreamed I was telling Kristin about it and she said that that was the name of our little girl. "nDanu" is kiKamba for "someone who is happy". It's sweet.
So comment and let me know what you think. I havent even had the chance to tell Dustin yet because he got up and went to work while I was still in bed. But I can't wait to see what he says tonight.

This weather is making me SO incredibley happy!!! It's gorgeous outside and it reminds me of Mexico and makes me miss Mexico. I love love love it! Too bad it's gonna just get colder this weekend again. I can't wait for spring. That really also could be part of why I'm feelign better. A friend of my mom's said when she was pregnant and would start feeling nauseous, she would get out and go for a quick walk and feel better.
It's all in the weather.... :)


Laura said...

Glad to hear you are feeling least for now. And hey I'm glad my tip helped :) Four years in nursing school should have done something...haha. I'm sure the weather there doesn't remind you of Mexico today b/c it is hot!! I think it was supposed to be about 85 or so. As for the names, I have to say I don't like Carmichael. And I am not a big fan of Danu but it also doesn't have significance to me like it does to you. I like the boy's name though. And even though you say they won't be called those things...sometimes it happens anyway so just beware..haha. And I kind of like Gabbie...

Anonymous said...

All that natural stuff mean the ginger and stuff just make sure that if you are using things that aren't perscribed that you tell your doctor about them just incase they interact with other drugs he puts you on.

I am with Laura on the Carmichael name. That is way to much for a name. But I do like nDanu and i think that it goes well with Gabrielle. Actually that one was my favorite. Just so you know my prediction is a girl. I think maybe b/c you and Dustin think it is a boy so I have to differ, but that is what I am guessing.

Katrina said...

I had a friend who said the vitamins were making her sick, and the doctor told her to just take flinstones vitamins =)
I like your name selection. Our first boy will be named after Josh, (Joshua David) but we will call him JD. =) I like your girl name, and I agree with the other two. I think Carmichael is a little much. I really like Faith. Josh has already picked the name for our first Girl... Chloe Rose, and I want our second girl (if there is one, of course) to Be Kahlen (kay-lynn) Michelle. Picking names is so fun! haha. (even though we are a bit ahead of ourselves!)