Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 3: Photo Challenge

Cast of my favorite show.
We don't really watch much TV. But we did watch 24 when it was out. Sadly, right when we started watching it, it was the last season. It really was the first show we got into together. The first one I've really watched in a long time. I like a lot of random shows: HGTV and foodnetwork probably are my favorite channels. But I can definitely do without. We didn't have cable pretty much our whole first 3 years of marriage. Honestly, I don't like having cable. But Dustin loves his sports :) And that's fine. The reason I'm thankful for cable (sounds so silly to be "thankful" for cable), is because if we do want to turn on the TV in the evenings to "veg" and unwind, we don't have to watch the garbage that's on the main channels. Because, if I'm going to be completely honest, I really think the comedy or drama shows that are on the main cable channels are worthless. And I'd rather not fill my mind with them. Now, I absolutely don't want that to sound "holier than thou" at all. It's just something the Lord convicted me of a couple years ago and that my sweet sweet husband has been there to remind me. No matter how much my flesh (because it is my flesh- not the Spirit of Christ in me) wants to watch say, The Office or Modern Family or something like that, my Spirit won't let me. I know a lot of people watch those shows, but I just can't. I just feel that it's contrary to everything in the Word of God that I try to keep my mind on day to day, when we are commanded in Phillippians to think on what's True and Right and Pure and Noble. You don't find those things in much TV today. I'm not legalistic about it- I definitley don't think all TV or all movies are just sinful and evil. There is a balance. For me, that balance is- "am I laughing at sin?" or "am I wanting these people to sin?" (like, do I actually want this character to sleep with this other character before they are married?) or "is there a distinct RIGHT and WRONG in this show?" Those are the kind of things I ask myself when I'm watching something. I know most people don't agree with me, and that's totally OK. I know there are things I may do or say or watch that other people think "really?? She did that??" I don't think I'm some "better Christian" because of these convictions. We're all in this process of sanctification, and we're all in different places. And that's OK.

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Daniel Pulliam said...

I'm offended that you didn't place Criminal Minds as your favorite show. I may forgive your error... eventually. =)