Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 6: Photo Challenge

Person I would like to trade places with for a day.
OK, so this took forever to think of, because honestly, I wouldn't want to trade places with anyone for a day. I guess just keep in mind while reading that this is totally hypothetical because of that fact. I've thought of several people. Maybe one of my friends that doesn't have any kids so I could just sleep all day?... but just because they don't have kids doesn't necessarily mean they sleep all day. One of my kids so I could just play (and if I wanted to, sleep) all day, and see what life is like from their perspective?... no, I really wouldn't want to do that actually. One of my old dogs we had growing up, because, let's face it, spoiled pets have "the life".... but it's supposed to be a "person". I even thought of a cartoon character, just to be goofy... but then the thought of being in a cartoon world for a day kind of freaked me out. So then I thought of Dustin. But when I say my husband is the one I'd like to trade places with for a day, I don't really mean it... ;) There really is no one I'd want to trade places with... but I'll go with it for the sake of the "challenge".
I suppose the reasons it would be interesting to trade places with Dustin are obvious. I stay at home with the kids all day, and he works at an office all day. We never really have the "whose job is harder" argument, because he tells me all the time mine is. I win, hands down ;) But I still would like to gain some perspective of where he's at all day & what he deals with. Just because my "job is harder", I still have some idea that he does have stress that he deals with. Then again, sometimes I feel like he would do better at my job than I do. Maybe if he were home for a day, when I got home the house would actually be clean and the family out of pajamas...??? Hmm... then again, maybe not :) Also, if this hypothetical exchange were to happen sometime in the next 3 months, I'd like him to experience what it's like being pregnant in the third trimester... and why I'm constantly asking him for a neck or foot rub, or how I'm not being ridiculous about my hyper-sensitive sense of smell, or how absolutely uncomfortable it is when your hands swell, or why it takes me forever to get comfortable and fall asleep... And I'd like to have just a day's break from being pregnant- to go for a nice, long run, where regular clothes, and perhaps have a glass of wine. (*gasp* yes, I said it.) OK, this sounds like complaining. I'm absolutely not trying to complain, and am typing all this with a smile on my face. I just think the fact that I'm pregnant adds an interesting spin on this hypothetical situation. And anyway, complaining about the discomforts of pregnancy is so overdone. I've prayed this pregnancy for God to enable me not to do it. "Do all things without grumbling or complaining" (Phil 2:14).... this includes pregnancy :) I know there are women who would give anything to be pregnant right now, and struggle with it. I'm thankful getting pregnant has never been an issue for Dustin and I, how could I complain? I'm thankful for a healthy baby girl & that I have the privilege of bonding with her before she even enters the world.
OK, I also didn't mean for this to go into the joys of pregnancy :) So I'll just leave it at that!

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