Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 5: Photo Challenge

My favorite memory.
Well, this was a really, really hard one! I cannot choose a single one favorite memory. I chose this event in my life- my summer in Kenya (2006)- with Kristin (then, Rickels) Duvall because it is my favorite memory that impacted the rest of my life.
During my time in Kenya, the Lord completely drew me to Himself. I heard Him so clear, so often. I saw Him move so much in my life and in the lives of those around me. Especially still being a "new Christian", I had never seen the things I witnessed in Kenya ever before in my life. It was while I was in Kenya that God burdened my heart even more for missions, and confirmed my desire to be on the field at some point in the future. Seeing the need for the gospel in those areas, the hunger for the Word of God and the love of the Word the believers had impacted me greatly. Of course, all of my 10 weeks there weren't easy & wonderful. I know there were days I questioned why I was there. But the Lord saw me through every single day. Before Kenya, Kristin and I didn't even know each other. It's really hard to believe looking back now, because God just truly knit us together. She truly is my sister, and one of the very best friends I have still today.
Also, while I was in Kenya, Dustin and I were "dating"... before I left, we talked, and he had told me that he saw qualities in me that he wanted in a future wife. While I was gone, I don't know if I've to this day prayed over something so fervently as I did him and our relationship. We had a couple hurdles to overcome that I prayed through... among other things. While I was gone, through so much prayer, God really confirmed for me that he was who I was going to marry. -But I still wasn't totally sure if it was the same for him :)-When I got home, the Lord had just blessed both of our prayers... and we were engaged soon after.
This is all extremely summarized. I could go on much more about the trip, about what the Lord showed me and answered prayers, about mine and Dustin's relationship... but I'll keep it at this for now. If there's more you want to know, maybe it could be talked about over a cup of coffee ;)

Other significant, favorite memories that can't be overlooked:

our engagement: august 31st '06

wedding: january 5th '07

gabbi's birth: october 9th '07

catie's birth: september 1st '09

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