Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 4: Photo Challenge

Picture of my night.
This is a picture of our great friends Tommy & Alison. We went over there for dinner last night. We are so thankful for their friendship, and the role they've played in our lives these passed few years.
After dinner, Gabbi & Isaiah played "hide & go seek", and it didn't occur to me until they were finished to take a picture of Gabbi hiding. Maybe it would have been a more exciting picture for everyone. Anyway, this isn't a typical night... A "typical night's" pictures may include Gabbi "helping" me cook dinner, my sweet husband cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, followed by him lying on the floor with our sweet girls climbing all over him as he tickles them or balances them on his feet playing "super Gabbi/ Catie". He's such a great daddy, and during those moments I just love to sit & watch them play with him. They both absolutely adore him.

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