Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Mommy Moment

This morning Gabbi & Catie are playing "dinner party". Two little wooden chairs pulled up to their "table" (a laundry basket flipped upside down). While they have a perfectly good wooden Little Tikes table just in the next room, the laundry basket seems much more practical in their little minds I suppose. I do think it's cute how they'd rather pretend than use the real thing :)
This dinner party started off pretty, and turned ugly real quick- as most interactive play does these days. I played mediator for several minutes "Gabbi don't grab, just ask" "Catie, don't squeal and fuss, say please" "Catie, that one is Gabbi's right now" "Gabbi, let Catie play with this one" "Love each other. Love is kind." and so on....
Well, there comes a point in every Mommy's life (at least I hope every mommy) when enough is enough. And I just can't mediate all morning when there's heaps of laundry to fold. And my sanity honestly can't handle one more scream from sweet Catie-Bug. And... well... I just collect all the dinner party dishes in my hands and go put them back in the bucket in the bedroom.
In my frustration, sweet Gabbi still knows how to make me smile. She responded not with cries like I would expect from a preschooler, but with a big sigh of relief as she said: "This is helping very much!!"
I had to laugh. Glad she sees things my way!
I do just love my little ones.

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