Friday, July 08, 2011

I'm No Chef... matter how hard I try.
This fact was proven yesterday at dinner.

I've never been able to cook beans. Our whole marriage I've tried a handful (or two) of times to cook dried beans. Pinto beans. Lentils. Black beans. Over & over. What happens is it takes at least twice as long as it's supposed to for them to cook for me. Every time I've tried to cook beans, we either eat dinner way late or we just throw something else together & eat what we were supposed to have for dinner, the next day.

Last night was no exception to the rule.
We are striving to eat all whole foods now, so I was determined to make beans work, as they are going to be a major part of our diet.
On the menu for last night was black bean tostadas. I even started dinner 45 minutes before I normally do in an effort to have it done around 6:00 when Dustin would get home. A few minutes before he was supposed to be walking in the door, I checked the black beans... not done. What in the world is going on???
Dustin came in while I was in the kitchen, picked the lid up to look at the beans & asked me about them.
"So what did you do?"
"Well, just as it said. Bring them to a boil & let them simmer for 50minutes.... It's been more like, 90 minutes."
"But you've turned them down, or has it been like this the whole time?"
"Just like that, you know, simmering."
He stuck his finger in the pot, "Babe, this isn't simmering. This is luke warm."
"Simmering is a low boil."
"Ooohhh... really? I thought it was just--"

Well, uh, yeah... We both got a good laugh at that. Explains the bean problems I've had for the passed 5 years. Wow. Embarrassing.
He told me he wouldn't be sharing that story with anyone... but I'm able to laugh at myself.
Especially since the end result- although an hour late- was absolutely delicious.

Black bean tostadas

Black beans & Mexican brown rice with
Lime cabbage slaw::: raw cabbage & red onions, tossed in olive oil & fresh lime juice, sprinkled with salt & pepper,
on a baked corn tortilla,
Topped with avacado, salsa & sour cream

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