Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuesday was my last day at work. Oh, what a freeing feeling!!! I can stay at home with my baby now- always, everyday! My heart is overjoyed at what the Lord has for me at home. I've been learning so much about who He created me to be as a woman- a helper to my husband and all that entails; a mother to my child(ren) and all that entails. It can be quite overwhelming... but I know that with Him and His Spirit I will be able to accomplish what I am supposed to.
So here begins my journey as a "stay-at-home mom". I can't wait to see the things He's going to teach me and where He's going to lead me.


Katrina said...

So exciting! I hope and pray I can be a stay at home mom when our time comes to have kids. =)

Glad to see you updating again!

Nancy said...

Congratulations! I remember when the Lord brought me home to be with my children and it was an absolute privilege. I am soooooo thrilled for you and your family.

Have a great weekend.
In Him,