Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Okay. So I know it's been, what, a year???

What can be said about a year?? I dont know... but I do know I desperately want to begin keeping my blog updated. I say that now, and may even begin to do well for a couple months... then I'll probably fall behind again. That's typically how it goes right?

Okay.... so a year... Let's give it a whirl:
JUNE '07-- we moved back to Powell, back into a 1-bedroom basement apartment. Might I add, no windows. Not the greatest of living conditions... but we have a roof over our head and solid four walls, which is better than the greater majority of the world. (oh, and indoor plumming) Who am I to complain?

JULY-- we went to Lynchburg to my grandparents w/ Kristin and Derek. Where I began this downward spiral of intense SWELLING. July was a rough month... physically and spiritually. The Lord began changing some things in me in some pretty hard ways.

AUGUST-- the humidity was aweful and I would've sworn to you that it was a record-breakingly hot summer. Peaking pregnant at the peak of summer is not a desirable combonation. I began working at KPA this month. A real change of pace as far as jobs go.

SEPTEMBER-- Working almost full time hours, being able to wears scrubs to work being 9 months pregnant was nice. But getting little to no sleep wasn't much fun.... had a couple "scares" this month where we found ourselves in Labor & Delivery at some odd hours of the night. But no baby!

OCTOBER-- Gabrielle Elena Haddock made her way into the world on the 9th! My world went through a loop at this point. Things would never be back to "normal" ever again.

NOVEMBER-- with the new addition to hour family came some new shaping and reshaping of my heart. November was the beginning of what I truly beleive was an outpouring of our Lord's Holy Spirit on mine and Dustin's lives. Oh how amazing is He that He does not leave us as He has found us?!?? Peeling away parts that do not please Him, reshaping and molding us to make us into His image. What an amazing and beautiful God we serve. Sooo much to be thankful for!

DECEMBER '08-- praise the Lord our nights got better... as she was sleeping through the night at just 7 weeks old!!! Merry first Christmas, and....... OMG there is something so not pleasant crawling across my floor right now??

....what is that??!?!...... the mystery bug has disappeared. i dont know if that is a good thing or a bad thing?? I've lost my train of thought. *sigh* okay. i went back to work this month as well.

JANUARY--Happy New Year. Happy 1st Anniversary to us.... both of which we rung in w/ Kristin & Derek lol. The end of the month was Gabbi's first road trip to see Aunt Cindy, Uncle Kevin, and our cousin Gracie. She did SO well!!

FEBRUARY-- Happy Bday Dustin! Gabbi had her first solid foods... beginning a neverending, ever-increasing love & desire for food. lol. She can't get enough food, really. Second set of shots this month also. Then a random fever virus for about a week near the end of the month. But we never did figure out what it was. She recovered extrememly well, it was just kinda here and gone. She's such a healthy girl! Dustin & I went to Clear Creek Bible College this month, because we were seriously praying about and really "set" on going to school next fall. We drove up to "tour" (which took an entire 5 minutes) the campus and see what it offered. We really were set on it... but still prayed and searched God's will, and He gave us no peace about it in the long run. For several reasons we decided it was not His timing for us to go to school. Kinda crazy, because we were so "sure" it was what we were going to do... but our Lord is so faithful to reveal Himself to us when our true desire is His will. What a good God we serve.

MARCH-- Okay, so if we're staying here we must buy a house right? Thus began our search for our first home. Yes. Crazy. I know. We were pre-approved for a loan and even put an offer on one which they turned down. That's okay.... a couple weeks of prayer and house hunting, and the Lord showed us otherwise. So... we're pretty much staying put and waiting upon Him, what better thing is there to do than that??

Gabbi's first Easter was this month.... Easter was a beautiful season for our family. Just a great time to reckon on our Savior and what He accomplished for us on the cross... and seeking Him and what His desire is for us as a family. How His desire for us is to be truly set apart from the world... looking nothing like the world. Following hard after Him.... raising our child(ren) with Him as our rock- and what the REALLY looks like. So many things.... This blog cannot contain.

So now, I have a 6-month-old baby girl who the Lord has used to turn my world upside down.

I dont know where life is headed at this point. Where in the world He is going to send us.... or what we are to do there. But I know this: in January, on the 1st literally, I prayed and prayed over our year. I asked His blessing and He gave me the verse Phil 3:13 "This one thing I do: Forgetting whas is behind and looking forward to lies ahead." That has been my verse for 2008, thus far. I just want to know Him deeper. I want to be the wife & mother He has called me to be... and oh, has He been so faithful. He's teaching me. I'm learning. Some things are painful. All things are glorious!

I want to write about what goes on. Truly. I do.

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