Thursday, September 01, 2011

Two Years Too Fast...

Caitlin Hope entered the world two years ago, September 1st at 11:22am.
She was 7lbs 1oz, a tiny thing and to this day still is. But what she "lacks" in size, she has always made up for in personality!

((catie & mommy: newborn snuggles))

((a treasured photo: catie & her *great,great,great* uncle robert. a precious man, adored by many, who passed away in march '11))

((5 month old catie-bug))

((easter '10: six months old))

((8 month old pasta lovin' catie))

((9 mons old))

*First Birthday Memories*

((15 months old))

((16 mons))

((18 months old))

((18 months old))

((20 months old))

*Second Birthday Fun*
Catie-bug loved waking up to a floor full of balloons. Unfortunately, she absolutely would not sit still on the floor long enough for me to get a picture of her surrounded by them. So the big smile will have to suffice. Today was Catie's day... I stayed up late last night catching up/ trying to get ahead on the daily chores so that today all my attention would be her's (and the other two of course). We spent the day playing, reading her favorite books, playing outside on the swing set & swimming in the pool, visiting with Aunt LaLa & cousin Ben, and watching a couple shows of *her* choice. We topped the day off with beans & rice for dinner. I know, not the dinner of a queen, but the dinner of Catie. She loves this dish (tied with Pizza as her favorite). Tomorrow night Dustin & I are taking her out on a birthday DATE while my sweet friend keeps the other two, where she will chow down on some pizza. And her birthday party will be next week, since Nana & Poppy are out of town this weekend.

Catie-bug is an absolute joy to everyone she meets. She is the silliest, sweetest, snuggliest two-year-old I know. Much more friendly than her sister was at this age... Catie will go to anyone with two arms to hold her. She is still quite attached to her paci (something Mommy needs to work on!) & her blankey & her Daddy (we hope this is the case for a long long time!). At home Catie is a totally different personality than when we're out. She's quite fiery. I love to joke that she has one volume & one speed: loud & fast. She has a temper, but has the softest heart at the same time. She loves her sisters. She's so attached to Gabbi that I don't know what she'd do without her. Someone asked me several weeks ago, "What does Catie like to do?" And to be quite honest, it took me a while to think of what *she* likes to do, because well, she likes to do whatever Gabbi is doing! She follows Gabbi around all day long.
Out in public, at parks or church, Catie is much more reserved. She'll sit & watch for a while, scoping our her surroundings, before she dives into play. I've heard on more than one occasion when picking her up from class at church "She just wanted me to hold her the whole time!" She's more quiet, and more of a "watcher"... I find this so interesting! I guess home is her comfort zone.
Catie is talking more & more. Unlike her sister, who practically came out speaking in complete sentences, this has been a slow (well, average) development. It's been fun witnessing this process, since I can't really remember a time when Gabbi was "learning" to talk. Now, if we could get the pacifier out of her mouth we would probably understand her more!
She loves to dance, jump, do "somies" (forward rolls), and unintentionally terrify her baby sister. Kidding. Ruthie loves to watch her run all over the place. Her new favorite thing to do is climb into the exersaucer since we got it back out, and go crazy... I guess she didn't quite get her fill the first year of her life. She loves books... particularly Sandra Boynton books. I love hearing her repeat "Blue Hat, Green Hat" by saying "oopth!" on every page then laughing hysterically. She also likes Dr. Suess's "Fox in Socks" when she can sit through the whole thing. "Let's Dance, Little Pookie" is another favorite. She loves to sing... or rather, be sung to. Her most often requested song is "This little light of mine". She holds up her finger and says "Shine! Shine!" She loves songs with hand motions.

We love our sweet Catie-Bug.
Couldn't imagine life without her & thank the Lord each day for the joy she brings to our life!!

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Anonymous said...

Bekah, this was absolutey beautiful! A lovely tribute to your adorable daughter!! I'm sorry I've read this so late but I loved all the sweet sweet pics!! I hope I get to meet you and your sweet family someday!