Friday, September 02, 2011

Baby is 4 Months!

This is the longest so far I've been nursing any of my babies.. now we are in uncharted territory, but things are going well!

With all the excitement yesterday, I cannot fail to post that Charity Ruth is now 4 MONTHS OLD! This second picture I think is kinda funny with that expression, but until mom gets back and gets her fancy camera in action... it's the best we've got!
We don't have a checkup until October, so I'm not sure of her weight & stats... but I'd be willing to bet she's closer to 16lbs by now! She's the squishiest sweet baby ever. I just love all her rolls.
She hasn't quite rolled from back to tummy yet, but she's getting there. What she has done, though, is sat for moment by herself! She's starting to learn to prop herself up with her hands. I guess it's because she's got a big base to do this haha! I don't expect her to be sitting fully alone for a while, but this surprised me none the less.
Other than that, and her just continuing to be more & more alert there aren't too many more recent developments with Ruthie. She still is just an easy to please, happy baby!

Hopefully we'll get a good photo shoot soon & I'll be able to post some better, end of summer pics of all the girls.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh I just want to kiss those cheeks!!