Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 15

Something I want to do before I die.
Just like pretty much every other post, several things could have gone here.
There are so many places I want to go -live- before I die. I may never get to & that's okay. But I do think the Lord will have us living somewhere else before we die... maybe in one of these following places? If I had to choose today, I would choose one of the following places, but who knows what the Lord has planned? Anyway... here you have it... places I want to see before I die.... all located around the same place.



The Dead Sea

The Nile


I guess it's pretty self explanatory why I want to go to these places. I've said before, I'm fascinated with North Africa/ Middle East. I love the biblical history that is there. I want to see Egypt & the pyramids, see Bethlehem & the places Jesus walked. I want to swim (or float) in the Dead Sea- just because I think it's pretty cool. I want to visit the places Paul took his missionary journeys through Turkey.
These countries where Christianity was born- now only a small percent know Christ. Although I would like to visit these places for the "fun" of it, more than anything, I want to see Christ's name proclaimed (once again) in these places. So really, I would love to go and have the Lord use me- and my family- to accomplish the task.

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