Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I had thought I wanted to see the movie When in Rome, so I checked it out on Plugged In's website. They do movie reviews from a Christian standpoint. Sometimes Dustin and I check out the movies we rent or go see on there before doing so, to make sure it's something we want to invest two hours in... and sometimes we don't, but wish we had! Well, we won't be renting it for sure, but the reviewer had some great thoughts that I had to share.

He says:
"...while the film doesn't overemphasize sex, it errs in another way—underemphasizing marriage, or at least its sanctity and sacredness...
Marriage is about so much more than passion, more than risk—more than a lottery ticket where the winners get fairy-tale endings and losers find divorce attorneys. Marriage is about commitment—commitment that holds firm through the fickle vagaries of human emotion. Yes, there's risk involved in it, but marriage should never be analogous to rolling the dice in a game of chance. Rather, it's like building a house: You check the foundation, you build the angles square, you make sure the place will last a lifetime.
That's how the greatest cities in the world worked their way into the history books, you know. Rome wasn't built in a day. Nor was it built on a bet."
Thought that was great and just had to share!


Katrina said...

Great quote... I may have to quote it when I write about this article:


bekah said...

just read it and... WOW!!!
that is just craziness. but i'm not entirely surprised. those girls are just putting words on what the actions of our country have been saying for a long time.
when marriage is instituted by GOD, and our country is rejecting God, rejecting His GIFT of marriage is sure to follow. their whole focus is wrong, along with the majority of people who even get married today. their thoughts are: this is for me, this is what I'VE always wanted, this is to make me happy & fulfilled, etc"... WRONG. marriage is first and foremost for GOD, HIS glory and to show of picture of Christ and the Church to an unbelieving world.

whew! i have a lot to say... maybe i should write about the article too lol.