Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Card Sneak Peak

We drove up to the Museum of Appalachia this afternoon to take some long-overdue family pictures! My mom takes great pictures, and I love to sit and edit them on my computer. I think we'd make a great pair to go into business together ;) It helps that our subjects are absolutely adorable too... but of course, I'm biased.
I can't wait to put together a Christmas card to send out. I will definitely be using Shutterfly again. We've used them a few times in the passed couple years for our family Christmas cards, and birth announcements for the girls. We will surely go with them again this coming April for the new baby.
Now, I'm not one to typically blog about every offer that comes along, or to do "shout-outs" to certain businesses. But I thought this was one not to pass up, plus I really think my readers (although few in number) would like to hear about this too.
Shutterfly has a special promotion going on for 50 free Christmas cards for bloggers. I love Shutterfly! There are tons of selections to choose from; it always takes me a while to make up my mind. This year, I'm probably going to go with "Family Wall Noir" or "Oh Holy Night"- I like that you can select multiple pictures to show on the card. After our little photo shoot, I have a lot of pictures to choose from! No matter what choice I go with, I always know they'll do a great job, and I won't be disappointed.
Another thing Shutterfly offers that I haven't done yet are desk calendars. I was looking at these earlier and do think they would make great Christmas gifts. Especially for grandparents or for Dustin for his office.
Even if you're just considering sending out photo cards this year, you should go on over and check them out!

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Jenny said...

Your girls are absolutely beautiful! All of your pictures that your Mom took are gorgeous! I don't know how you're going to choose for your Christmas card! You have such a precious family and I love reading your blog!