Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Next Adventure

We're not going to plant our garden until next year, but we're going to go ahead and get a compost started. My grandma is going to come sometime this summer and help me get our flower beds looking nice. So I'll be able to have this compost to add to it this year, then to our garden next year. I'm quite excited about this! Flower beds and a garden are things I've really looked forward to about having our own home.


Amanda said...

OK I am so confused....where does the "garbage" go into the receipe? I mean I know you use food garbage but it isn't mentioned...or am I off? I wanted to do a compost for flower beds and stuff to but of course being in base housing we are not allowed to have compost. Plus I didn't know how to start one. I need to work on just planting flowers again lol. Wesley was going to buy me some for mother's day, but we were in the hospital, so it got put off. Maybe after this next weekend I can get some more flowers to plant . I am starting a little slower this time though. Since I planted a whole bunch last year, then got preggo and sick and couldn't water them so they died. Hopefully I will do better at it this year! Good luck to you and let me know how it goes....oh and congrats to you for getting off face book. I think I am going to start getting on only once a day or something. I know that i am way more productive when I don't get on the computer, or turn on the tv. but it is super hard. The only thing is for us, FB keeps the family posted on Noah. Super excited you will be blogging though, I love reading different blogs...I should find more, but then again it is a time thing :)

bekah said...

yeah the "recipe" pic i posted does seem to leave some things out. i'm deff not following it exactly. i just found that picture and wanted to put something up there. if you google composting there will be enough info to know what to do. yes, fruit and veggie scraps (no meat) can go into compost. as well as coffee and coffee filters. my goal is to really cut back on the amount of garbage we have so that (hopefully) one day in the future we can only compost and recycle. maybe with just a few trip to the dump. as little to the landfill as possible... that's my goal!