Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My sick babies...

It has been a rough couple weeks here in our neck of the woods! About a month ago, Catie got a nasty cold, but it wasn't anything too serious. Quickly afterward, Gabbi came down with a cough too. Hers wasn't nearly as bad as Catie's. I'm typically not the kind of mom who takes her kids to the Dr at the first sneeze or cough, but RSV has been going around our circle recently and it is the LAST thing I wanted Catie to get. Babies are sometimes in the hospital because of it. I just have this vision in my mind of her not being able to breath, or being dehydrated, or worse... I just do NOT wan it! So I called the Dr and he tested her, and she was fine. There colds wore off since. Then within 10 days they graciously gave their illness to Daddy. I thought it was looking good for me to not get it, since I'm super woman and everything. Dustin was wiped out for a few days, ended up going to the walk-in clinic and paying 60 bucks for them to tell him he'll be better in a few more days. He was. Then it seemed as if there was peaceful in our house for a few days... the calm before the storm. I had the worst sore throat and cough I've had in a long time. I haven't been so miserable in so long. So two Sundays ago, it was my turn for the walk-in clinic. The verdict, bronchitis. The following Tuesday, Gabbi was running at 102 fever in the middle of night and we took her to the ER because I decided to panic. The verdict, URI/ Bronchitis and he gave her an antibiotic... the did nothing. Thurday morning Catie began coughing again and Gabbi still wasn't ANY better, we couldn't get her fever down. So Friday at Gabbi's "recheck" they were both diagnosed with RSV.
My worst nightmare. The only thing is, I really didn't freak out. I almost laughed... it's just our turn.
This winter, Catie hasn't been in the nursery at church at all. We rarely put Gabbi in there either. I've been trying to keep them away from all the germs and illness that pass around since all children their age decide to put everything in their mouths. And no one has yet mastered "cover you cough". I wash Gabbi's hands like crazy. I give her orange juice every morning, thinking this is going to "strengthen" her immune system or something... Ha. I have no control. I think I do... only... I don't.
My children could never see another child face to face and be hibernating all winter and if the Lord wanted them to have RSV they still would. It's that simple. I need to as forgiveness for thinking I could keep them safe. I can't. They are His children that He is letting me "borrow" and He is the ONLY One that can protect them. It's almost a huge relief when you look at it from that perspective. Trying to keep two babies from any pain or illness or injury is an exhausting job! I have no control. Hallelujah!

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